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Thread: New to this board from GRAY, TN

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    Default New to this board from GRAY, TN

    I was told to come and check out this board by an acquaintance,
    I have been hoping to find out some information on
    high altitude brookie fishing in the smokies,
    I don't mind to hike in,
    but, I would like to make several trips this fall
    any information that you might be able to give
    me so that I can go out and find some brookie solitude
    in the smokies would be great
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: New to this board from GRAY, TN

    Welcome! There is a lot of good info here, check some of the recent posts as the brookies have been discussed quite a bit already. A good stream to start in would be the upper portion of the West Prong of the Little Pigeon. This stream may not give you solitude however. If you can get one of the old park fishing maps that shows the streams that were closed to fishing because of the brook trout, that would be very helpful in finding some good streams.
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    Default Re: New to this board from GRAY, TN

    The West Prong doesnt seem to be as bad as the Little River. I've fished both numerous times and have only been accosted on the Little River by tourons. (I.E. Are there fish in there?) I've heard that higher up on Fish Camp prong is very good Brookie water, but I've never tried it myself. Fished some on the lower end though, and it is beautiful. Nice, slick dry fly glides. Its roughly a 5 mile hike up the Little River Trail. Very pretty up there.

    Stop by LRO, they will be glad to give you all the info you need.



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    Default Re: New to this board from GRAY, TN

    hi dukeofurl

    I just happened to catch my first brookie this last august when we were down. the good folks at LRO directed me to tremont and it worked out great......

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