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    Leaving home at 4AM--Will leave Lex at 6:30AM arrive in Billings Montana at about 12:30 their time--Got a rental car(tried to get a Hertz Shelby Mustang)--No dice--think I have a minivan which is OK--Going to fish the Bighorn(with a guide)--Then onward to West Yellowstone for a night or two--West Yellowstone is a great place--So close to the park ,you can smell the the water of the Madison.I am in awe of the waters that flow in Yellowstone Park.Lamar River,Soda Butte,The Yellowstone,and the awesome,easy casting,beautiful Firehole,it flows full of steam,making the air full of sulfur smell.It reallly can get to you,and you catch fish.I will end up in Jackson Hole.The Grand Tetons are still there,I think,so I will fish Pacific Creek(a great trout stream),Cottonwood Creek(another good stream,if it is open for fishing)and The Gros Ventre(grow-vont)River,a great stream--Will see if Flat Creek is open for folks over 50--I think it is dry fly only.Will take 9 days--then back to my regular life-- once you have traveled to Yellowstone,the Grand Tetons,Montana,Wyoming,and the Smokies,places,so close to religon,you have a Deja-Vous feeling when you are there,then you understand how good and fleeting life is,and the fishing is

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    I am so jealous...I love that area of the country. So much water, so many fish...if there is a fly fishing heaven on earth, the greater Yellowstone area just might be it . Good luck on your trip! I am looking forward to hearing all about it!
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    Tell the big "bow" I lost at the GreyCliffs(?) that I'm coming back for him. Someone needs to "learn" them big fish that they "NEED" to rise to dry flies, instead of eating all thoselittle bitty midge larva. Last summer, I was there with black Caddis thick on top, crawling over our boat but only small fish (10-12 inch) were rising. EVERYONE BEFORE THEY DIE NEEDS TO FISH THE BIGHORN. I fished with a friend from Hardin, with midges and got tired of catching fish. We spent 7-8 hours on one hole, really got boring after several days. Hope you don't run into real low water. My brother reported lowest water in the Clarks Fork of Yellowstone he's seen in years.
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    Have a great trip and take lots of pictures for you report when you get back.

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    That is definitely a trip to keep a detailed journal on. It would make great reading in a few years and be like going back!
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