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Thread: Little River Brown

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    Default Re: Little River Brown

    That is absolutely a gorgeous fish! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
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    Default Re: Little River Brown

    so where did you say you caught him?

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    GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! that is a massive fish for the smokies. and pretty much anywhere else. good job dude.

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    Hey CanoeFlyGuy

    A Great Catch! Question ? Do you change your methods when fishing for large fish like the one you just caught ? Or do you fish normal ?
    After fishing 40yrs. in the Park I,ve only hooked one brown, I would consider, over 20ins. I was fishing my normal way using a prince. I,ve caught several 15 to 17ins. fish so I,m not complaining ! Just Like to know!
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    I know of two people who are able to find browns this size and Timmy Doyle is one of them. He is a great guide as these pictures are a testament.

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    The problem isn't finding them. It's the sneakin' up that's tough. Most trophy hunters in the park will wait for stained water to go try out a big fish lair. Knowing what's there beforehand is the ticket.

    It looks like Chris and Tim stuck this fish in clear water and a high sun. Good job!

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    We got lucky in the fact that I was able to sneak up on him, with out knowing it. I was fishing the far bank and was moving up stream when I spotted him. I yelled at Timmy is that a fish. Your darn right was his reply. Tim then proceeded to hook two flies onto a stick and throw them out to me. It seemed like it took ten minutes to thread and tie them on cause a was shaking so much. The fish took in about 8 casts with 4x tippet. A lot of luck played into it for sure. Tim selected the flies and I made to cast so I guess that counts for something. Fowler was right on cause we caught him at 12:30pm. I think all of the big fish are in feeding moods in anticipation of the upcoming months.

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    Default Great fish

    Man that is one great fish!!! Thanks for all of the information. It will be a big help on future fishing trips. Once again that Brown is hugh. That is one of the biggest browns I have ever seen come from the Park.. I have seen some caught between 20 to 23.5 inches. But not that massive in body size. big Browns really get my blood pumping.


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    What a brute! Wish I could have seen the drama play out. Catching the big boys like that is a whole differnet ball game. Thumbs up to you and Tim
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    My freind, that is a nice fish!


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