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Thread: Little River Brown

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    He's a pretty cool guy! He works for the Orvis Sevierville store as manager over the fly fishing deparment! I'm almost positive he caught that on a size 16 bhpt! Chris and Doug Moore (his buddy) have caught some other really nice fish from around here! Google up "Tuckaseegee toads" in the video section of google then sit back and relax and watch those two reel in some monsters! Doug also used to work for the Orvis Sevierville store but has since left! I know Doug used to guide but I think it is a thing of the past!!!!

    In reference to the waters here not holding big fish! You all haven't seen some of the streches my father and I have seen! I havent personally been able to oversee the electrofishing in the park. But, due in part to what I've heard I believe some would be amazed at what comes out of those "Small Streams" Byron told a story once about him a good buddy spending a morning fishing in Abrams Creek and got skunked, either later that day or the next morning Byron and his bud electrofished the same section uncovering a multitude of fish with one being a large fish! Byron would better tell this story! My father and I went fishing late summer last year and found a honey hole. From the road with my father below I looked over a 15 ft section of water and saw upwards of 15 fish all over 15". Two or more going 18+ inches and one that would have tipped any 1's scales for measurments of trout! All were actively feeding fish the biggest sitting in an extremely fast moving section of water diving in and out to catch his meal! It was a very interesting sight and allowed me to see the pecking order of fish! Biggest in the riffle and the farther back you got the smaller the fish got! All of the bigger fish were sitting directly outside of the fast moving water and would dive in for its meal and exiting almost exactly were it left off! A neat reaction from the fish occurred! There was very little to no inspection of the food they were eating. They would move from side to side never moving more than 12 to 15 inches! Never moving forward or back to further inspect the meal. While making cast to some of the smaller guys in the rear of the pack they would investigate the meal moving with our flies until they became discouraged. We missed several opportunities that day casting to these guys!

    I also moved into the pool below these fish casting to them! I would scare several smaller fish off but the longer I sat they would re appear sometimes within 2' of my leg! Casting had little to no effect on them. At one point in time I attempted to bring my fly back to retie and recieved a nice hit on the surface to my orange indicator! All of this completely blew my mind away from everthing I had previously learned about fishing in the park! Subdued clothes, being stealthy, and making one or two casts to a fish before scaring it to the bottom. None of these rules applied! Dad and I would make 10 or so casts to a fish before changing flies. Once changed we would go right back to casting only recieving a strike on our first cast!

    None the less I think that there are some impressive fish in some skinny water in the park! There very smart and hard to see but none the less they are there! I truly think that this is the reason why so many of us spend an ample amount of our week, preparing, talking, POSTING, and otherwise fishing for these elusive big guys! After all these are the things most avid fly fisherman dream of and only wish to talk about! It is like any other sport out there! It's like going to the superbowl for me but being able to tell folks that I was the one who got the ring! After all if everyone out there could land a fish like that everytime they went fishing, there wouldn't be much of a sport to it! But along the way, all of the spills in the creek, all of the pint size fish we catch, and leaving all of our greeny weenies in the trees as decoys we wouldn't be able to dream about being out in the stream with breath taking nature, spending it with good friends, and always catching that one that got away! For lack of better words it keeps us going back! It's what keeps this message board going!

    My two cents!
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