It was such a beautiful day yesterday, 59 degrees when I got up, I couldn't help but feel like I had to rig up. I spent a couple hours dressing lines, sorting fly boxes and tying dropper rigs. Just doing that made me feel good. *. I hadn't fished since the beginning of August and while I've had the bug to head up to the Smokies, I haven't been able to work out days I could get away. * :-? Maybe next week. So I was determined to wet a line, and headed up to the Sipsey this morning. Got there about 9:00, and temps were already up close to 80, but it felt great being in the water again. I started out with a tandem rig, stimulator and BHP to see what the story was. I fished hard for an hour without a hit. I decided to switch, and tied on an ant with a midge dropper. I missed an explosive hit on the ant, tangled the midge all up in my line, and decided to cut it off and stick with just the ant. I must have fished almost and hour and a half without a bite, but that instant when the line went tight, I immediately forgot how my back was hurting, and how long I had been standing there, and evidently how to play a fish. * The water had exploded at the take and the pull was excitingly strong. I didn't get my finger off the line quick enough, and he was gone. After regaining my composure, I proceeded to hook and land several nice rainbows, the longest measured a respectable 13". I don't care how many times I do it, there is something extraordinarily special about holding a rainbow and seeing and feeling him settle down and swim off. WOW !!! That's why we all love it so much. Tight lines to everyone.