Wanna see if someone can help me with this. The S.Holston is one of the rivers in Tennessee that I have not had a chance to fish. I have some time off the last week of September and also the last week of October. I am coming up to the S.Holston in late September and know very little other than a few things I've heard or read on this forum. May be by myself so I'll have to wade and i'm hoping for a favorable generation schedule. How many access points along the river are there? Also, is that late enough to see any baetis on the cloudier days? Streamers are an option I suppose. What nymphs might be working? Don't want to know anyones favorite spot, just need a direction to go.
One other thing concerns me, and I read this on the message board here..... what about the problem with vehicle break-ins... has that problem been solved?

Thanks for any help,