back from 10 days in yellowstone and montana--fished the lamar river first--water was low,low--caught a few rainbows the largest was 15 inches on a#16 adams para.--then fished gibbons (water was cold)--no luck--did best fishing the firehole--caught several small rainbows--on a #14 royal wulff--left the park--headed for jackson--tried buffalo creek--caught several small trout--nothing to write home to mom about--tried pacific creek--not much action------
yellowstone and the tetons were beautiful--a great vacation--fished the big horn with guide--caught many quality fish using hopers,beetles,ants,and weighted nymphs--the guide was A.T. Hadley--he can catch fish in places I could not get a drink of water --it was a good--good day--got back Sat.--ran to the smokies on Sunday for a little meeting with family--got into townsend at about 10am--checked tremont--toooooo crowded--felt sorry for the fish--as i left the gravel and proceeded out of tremont on blacktop,came up behind a newer SUV--looked to be a family--someone rolled down a window and threw a soft drink can out--i stopped and picked up the can a kind of waved it at the suv as it went away from me,on down the road--i know the driver saw me cause i saw him looking in his rear view mirror--he did not stop--i did not stop either cause i got his lic. plate no.--went to sugarland--reported littering--gave the can and plate no.--to receptionist--assured me it would be taken care of--i will not abide the willful contamination of our park--the driver of the SUV should have stopped--backed up and retreived the can from me --I do notcare if a child did throw it out of the window--a lost Sunday--no fishingjust aggrevation--