My 13-year-old and I will be leaving Indiana about 4am Thursday the 28th. This is our father/son getaway for his 13th birthday (his choice of destination). We have fly fished for bluegill and other species in southern Indiana, but this our first attempt at wild trout. I have been reading the posts and we have been tying green weanies, October caddis and the usual fair in preparation. Thanks to this board and Ian Rutter's book, I have a good idea of the areas we want to try and have our map marked and ready.

We will be hitting LRO early Thursday afternoon for licenses and whatever else we decide we "need." After checking into Doc's, we will most likely head to Tremont and/or Lynn Camp Prong. I am very familiar with the park, but as I mentioned, this is our first GSM fishing outing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have been planning this trip for months and my objective is to give Jacob lifetime memories. Thanks for the message board LRO - and thanks for the education to you veterans. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve!

Jim Markland