We got up to Townsend on Friday PM and by Sat PM the rain had let up enough to venture forth. I hit Metcalf Bottoms at about 2PM and had the whole place all to myself. Not a single soul in the river, and one lone family fixing dinner in the picnic area.

I proceeded to fish the stream from well below the bridge up almost to the 2nd bridge and other than a few "short" hits at a no.14 Stimulator there was no action. No one came after the "green weenie" that everyone said was the "go to" fly for the previous week, and no one smashed the dry fly.

On reflecting I suspect I should have gone down a few sizes on the dry given no one was playing with the "green weenie", since the only activity seemed to be on top. But given that I didn't see bug one flying about I was a bit disheartened in that direction as well. I quit at dark with nothing to show for my efforts except a beatiful afternoon on the Little River, and total solitude.

Strange afternoon. :-/
Petri Heil;