A few weeks ago--the kind folks at LRO sold my nephew a 8'6" 5wt-fast action rod--made in Montana--I gave him a Orvis Battenkill Reel--and I bought the rod for him(birthday stuff)--he doesn't say much,but is very intelligient--went to Yale and Stanford--presentlly teaching at U of Kentucky at the engineering school--he was quiet,a thinker............he could not believe LRO--"I love that place"--THAT WAS THEN--THIS IS NOW----
He(JT) has bought 2 more rods--he practices casting ,nights ,rain or shine.He calls every day asking about casts,flys,LRO,the weather,streams,SMNP,trout,guides,streams,LRO,fly tying,flies,roads of SMNP,Maps of SMNP,Women of SMNP,Townsend,LRO,Business hours of LRO(when are they open?)Are Brookies hard to catch?The LRO website--wants to learn--will learn--the website,the sport,hatches,leaders,tippits.--has a large stack of fly fishing books stacked,most have been read,in front of a TV, long since turned off.
So there you go LRO--you've really done it this time.IT HAS BECOME AN OBSESSION.He is going to love fly fishing.He will probably be around the shop quite often--Have to say he is a pretty good chap--Won't lie to you unless he has too--If you have any questions--feel free to call me LAuxier at 1-BR-549.Will be in Townnsend next weekend for fly fishing.JT may or may not be with me--His last words-----"hope it rains,or snows,so I can try out some of my stuff.(rain gear?)--BAD WEATHER FISHIN' 2( a report from a uncle,answering questions,envious of the virgin feelings and frustrations,that fill the tenderfoot fly fisherman.One day,a stream,that may be closeto Townsend,held tightly ,under a canopy of life,by the Park that has tracked us for so long,will stalk JT.