whisperer sez: i finally had a chance to visit your part of the country last week for some hiking and fishing. on tuesday, i drove up pretty far in the tremont area, but the stream was very fast and difficult to wade. i did manage to land 4 rainbows. it didn't rain that night, so on wednesday, i went to the little river at metcalf bottoms. this was a good day - landed 17 rainbows and 1 brown. everything i got was by high sticking a 14 dry fly down through the pocket water behind the rocks over in the middle of the river. that night it rained off and on all night long. so on thursday, i thought i'd take a drive over to greenbrier. the stream was in pretty good shape so i fished for a while until i had a close encounter with mr. black bear. he was just standing on a rock behind me watching me fish. hard to tell how long he'd been there or what he would have done if i had hooked one while he was there. anyway, after putting a little distance between me and the bear, i did manage to make enough noise that he *decided to go play somewhere else. and i decided that i would go back to the car for some lunch. while doing that, it occurred to me that fishing that morning hard been kinda slow - only 5 fish. so, i decided to give it a try up a blue line stream just down the road from where i was parked. that was a real treat. by the time i quit when i started hearing thunder, i had caught over 20 small rainbows. i believe i could have gotten into some specs if i had gone higher, but i didn't want to get caught in a down pour. everything on that creek was caught on a 16 ehc.

it was a treat to visit the fly shop and pick up some items. my wife and i both really enjoyed being in townsend away from the commercialized tourist trap environment. i hope i can get back your way again soon.

regards, TW