What a long trip. I left Friday at 7 AM and got back Sunday at 3 pm. i drove 901.3 miles and only got to fish for 3 hours . I went up there with an impression that this was a river like the French Broad or something. It turned out to be a river smaller than the Tellico.
We woke up at 5 on Saturday and I was expecting to be fishing at sun up. Dad and Jerry wanted to stop and eat a biscuit, and i thought it was a drive through place but they went in and we ate a big sit down breakfast. Then we drove 2 hours to the river and started hiking at 10:00. We hiked about 2.5 miles and got to the river. This was not the river that I was picturing in my mind. It was a small stream that is very similar to the Tellico. We put on waders and got rigged up and started fishing at 11:30. The first hole, i caught a small mouth that was about 10" long. Then we moved further up stream and I hooked a brown trout that was about 16" that threw my hook when he jumped. Dad and Jerry never got a bite all day. I ended up bringing one brown trout to hand that was 18". It was by far the biggest trout that i'd ever caught! I hooked one that bent two of the hooks on a treble hook until they were straight and it got off. i also saw some big fish that must have been over 24" . What really aggrevated me was about 2:00 dad and Jerry got tired and wanted to go home. I didn't argue with them because the fishing wasn't that great because the water was up so high and i couldn't figure out how to fish in a stream with a spinning rod and rooster tails. So we hiked back out and went home.
It was a good trip. but it was a long, long way to drive for 4 hours of fishing. We do plan on going back in the spring and fishing all day and i'll be using a fly rod then and maybe i'll catch one of those big ones that i saw.