fished the soho for the first time this past weekend and had a great time.once again i have to commend the tennessee fish and game folks for managing a great fishery.there was 3 of us fishing,this was the first time to flyfish for trout for one guy and my brother has been a few times.i dont know how many they ended up with,but i caught over 40 in 2 and 1/2 days.stuck and lost quite a few and missed a bunch.we would start the morning stripping wooly buggers,then drop down to smaller nymphs and drys.the small midge emerger i tie worked well stripped in shallow areas where you would see them sipping off the top.caught some on zebra midges,olive pheasent tails,bwo loop wing emergers(like hugh hartselle ties).for the drys,an adams parachute,a cdc sulpher,and a fly i tied last year at the hiwassee that was a light olive w/white cdc wing.the midge emergers were red and some were olive.sizes from 16 down to 20s.biggest one was a 19incher i caught on a zebra midge.did some entomology and found lots of things,lots of midges,saw caddis cases(never saw those before-stich bait)amd some small worms.really a great time and look foward to going back sometime.thanks to hugh and others that sent me info before the helped alot.