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    Hey Guys!

    I just wanted to say that I am a new member! I have been to Little River Outfitters a lot, and love going but sometimes I spend too much money . I live about 4 hrs. away but when I am in Townsend I just have to go to Little River. This message board is so helpful for me when I go to the smokies to fish since I live so far away, thanks guys. Me and a friend are starting to get into backpacking. I know the smokies have free campsites where you can hike back into, but where are some good locations near those sites to fish?


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    Welcome! Backpacking is a great way to see the park and get away from the crowds. I would recommend getting a trail map of the park and finding a campsite that is on a decent sized stream. There are lots of sites that are on or very close to various park streams. Another good place to start searching is this map from the NPS It shows backcountry sites and trails...
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    Thanks Plateau Angler, My friend bought one of those maps at Little River the weekend of Lefty Kreh so I will check it out to find some locations which should be suited for fishing. Thanks

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    Welcome to the board. Make sure you check with the Park Service before heading to one of the back country sites. You have to get a free permit and some of them are closed from time to time due to bears.

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