My father and I have fished the Clinch several times both above and below the Wier with less than fair success :-?. The question I have for those of you Clinch river fisherman is regarding fly selection. Our usual selection; 18-24-midges, tellico's, ptbh's, prince's, sulpher emerger's, hoppers, san jaun's, ants, various streamers, and a collection of GSM dry fly patterns using only three or four. So, can anyone elighten my father and I to a few new patterns, in particular sulpher or pmd emergers and midge patterns. Zebra midges I have tied in slight variation's with some success. Any help on making me spend more time and money on fly patterns would be greatly appreciated as well as landing just a few more Clinch River trout.

Any links or pics would be appreciated!
Thanks, Fishermansfly