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    Well only 4 more days until i leave for my first trip to GSMNP. the wife and i are leaving Saturday morning and headed for Townsend from St. Louis. i'm not sure if i could be anymore excited about it either. we have secured somebody as our guide for Sunday so that we can hopefully get a leg up on some park fishing. our first stop on Sunday however will be at LRO to stock up on some flies. i sure hope that they have plenty tied up because i might buy ALL of them. i do at least have a pretty good idea of what to get from reading this board. i've been reading this for about 2 months and i can't stay off of it. this is some of the best information that i have ever found about any fishery that i've been to. i am blown away with the kind and generous information that you all put on here. i sure hope to run into some of you while we are in town and i will definately give a trip report when i get back.

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    good luck fiance and I are headed down on monday morning and we will be in the water tuesday morning bright and early. We have been fishing the park ever since I introduced her to fly fishing 4 1/2 years ago, but we only discovered LRO this year and our production has been better than ever because of thier knowledge and deisre to inform thier customers......maybe we'll run into you guys, we will be driving a white F150 with a stars and stripes bug deflector...if you see us, say hey ....... don't forget to take a disposable camera to carry in your vest for shots of your first fish of the trip......

    have a great trip
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    i will keep an eye out for you buckeye. we will be in a maroon ford focus. i would much rather take my Silverado but we have to keep the miles off of it. oh well, we will just have pack a little lighter.

    see you in the stream

    tight lines

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