I was wondering what most people are using for on stream gear storage these days. Is the standard fly vest still the most popular? I have seen alot of fishermen using chest packs and hybrids. I started off with a vest years ago, but felt it was too hot during the summer. I use a Filson chest pack during the fall and winter or when wading in tailwaters when you could be in chest deep water at times. A few years ago, I decided that I really don't use most of the stuff in my vest. I now have a lanyard for clippers, floatant and tippet. I carry a couple of flyboxes and some water in a lumbar pack. Before my trip, I pick out a few flies that I feel will be the most productive for the particuliar stream and keep them in a small fly box in my pocket. If hiking in to more remote locations for the day, I add a daypack with lunch, extra water and maybe a raincoat. There is alot of new products on the market and I would like to hear what others are using and reviews.