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Thread: Glory Hole?

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    I have been fishing the Park from the Townsend side for 5 years(Spring and Fall) and often fish along the Tremont Road below and above the Institute. I keep reading about the "Glory Hole". Without giving up any long held secrets can anyone tell me just where this "Glory Hole" is? .

    Thanks see everyone next week. Hope the leaves hold and the fishing is still good.

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    You can use the search function and type in Glory Hole. *It is one the middle prong of the little river at the second bridge.

    Good luck next week.

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    If I am right about where the 2nd bridge is, I think that is one of my favorite spots to fish. I have never caught large numbers or large fish there, but I really like the spot(both side of the bridge. I caught my first Park fish there, a 10 inch Bow. I never realized I was fishing the Glory Hole.

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    The Glory Hole is the deep one just below the second bridge. *I take the temperature above it near the large parking lot every morning for the Fishing Report. *I know of a 29" Brown Trout and another 25" Brown caught out of the Glory Hole. *I even caught a good size smallmouth out of it a few years ago. *One of our students slipped off the big rock into the hole a couple of weeks ago. *It was 5' deep. *The huge piece of concrete you see is an old bridge support. *Under it is a good place for large fish to hide and feed. *I start my workday there every morning and what a way to start the day. *


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