In an article in The Tennessean today I discovered the TWRA is going to stock adult trout in the Harpeth River just west of Franklin, once in mid-December and then again in February. The article suggested such winter stockings were likely in years to follow. Does anyone want to weigh in on this? As an intermediate flycaster with limited trout-stalking experience, this sounds like a great way for me to spend some winter days. Since I moved to Franklin one year ago, I've fished the Harpeth about a half-dozen times, mostly in warm weather. It took me awhile to find a few decent access points, but when I got ont the Harpeth I always caught a bunch of fish, mostly smallmouth in the 5-10 inch range and a ton of redeye and bream. Aside from some slow/wide runs, the Harpeth 'west of Franklin' is largely wadeable and should be a blast to converse this winter in search of these stockers. Does anyone think these fish will not survive very long...or be harvested very soon after they're dumped? What fly would you present to an adult hatchery fish in new water? Is anyone in the Franklin area happy to see this opportunity? msh