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Thread: Weekend Fishing

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    Byron, A PM has been sent with the photos. It would be an honor if I saw them on the page.


    I myself am new to fly fishing. This is really the first successful trip that I have had in the park using nymphs. So, I really don't know if I am in a position to give tips. However, I can tell you more on how I fished yesterday and some of my observations. These are things that you probably already know or have realized.

    1.) Stealth - I think that my biggest mistake in the past was that I would get excited and want to hurry up the stream. Yesterday, I slowed down a lot. I was quiet while wading and tried my best to stay hidden, whether in the shadows or in a crouched position. I think this is sometimes underestimated.

    2.) Pocket water is where most of my fish were caught. I usually only give one cast to these areas. I now have learned to pay more attention to these areas in the stream.

    3.) I used a strike indicator (yarn type). This made it so much easier to detect strikes. I hadn't been using these in the past on smaller streams. It helped a lot.

    And one last thing. I had a lot of confidence yesterday. Every hole I came to, I was confident that fish were holding. I think it's easy sometimes, especially when you are having a slow day, to give up on areas too soon. Patience is virtue when it comes to fly fishing. Yesterday I learned a lot about that, catching fish not on the first one or two casts but the 10th or 11th.

    It's such a beautiful day today. They are cutting the gens at noon on the Clinch, so I'm heading up. Hopefully another day of great fishing!

    Good luck!

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    Hit the refresh button. One of your photos is now on the banner. Thanks.


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