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    With all the recent talk about leaders lately I started researching furled leaders. Who likes them, who hates them, who makes there own? I think I am going to try and make up a couple and see if I like them.

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    Good topic....I picked up my first ones last month and gave them a try on my annual fall trip in the Park. Previously I had been using a knotless tapered leader for the last several years. What I liked most about the leaders was the ability to replace or change tippet material with little effort. The leaders I was using were 5 1/2 feet long for 2-4 wt lines....Traditionally I fish the smaller water and don't use a leader over 7'.... so with these I was having to use a leader a little longer than I was used to.....I did like the way they turned over and found after the first day that I was adapting to the look and delivery....they do require some dressing and the results on how long they floated varied from day to day....all in all I liked using them and plan on using them again the next time I get to hit the water.....while they cost a little more initially I think thank by the end of a fishing season the cost will equal out from not having to keep replacing the other leaders....for a week of fishing this year I used one furled leader and only part of a spool of tippet vs. 2 to 3 std. leaders....

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    I've never used one. BUT I used to use the braided leaders by Orvis, which are similar. I think braided leaders are awesome for small streams like most anything around the Smokies. They are durable and cast great. But I like them a lot less when you are fishing bigger, flatter, brighter, deeper water, like the Caney or Holston or whatnot. I used the Orvis braids for about 8 years before deciding about 5 years ago that knotless, tapered mono leaders work just fine for me regardless of the water I'm on. So out of laziness I don't bother with the braids any more.


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    Use them alot when going for smallies in murky waters. I have been told that because of the clear water in the park you will have better luck with a tapered leader. I general think they are great and make for a quick change after I get snarled in the trees, but I dont believe they work well in the smokies. Speaking of leader sizes. I went for using 5X to 6X and my production really inproved.

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