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Thread: New board? A possibility?

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    You all and your dedication to fly fishing never stop amazing me! In referance to Byron's post, I think you took the idea and made it that much better by adding an aditional portion to the members pics. *All of these postings and hearing all of the many things that are posted it will be nice to "add a face to the name". *There are all of these fisherman in the park and I am always wondering how many of them are members to the board. *It will be a nice way to make more fishing pals and recognize more people on your ascent into the park or else where for that matter. *I think, in a way, someone that catches alot of fish or big fish and posts such pictures will probably have a following of sorts, that is if someone recognizes them while out searching and fishing these great waters. *Following them around watching technique, skill, and sometimes even luck.

    I still can't believe the response time from you all and to add, if it helps any, I believe will format and crop all pictures for you guys! *Don't know if thats the route you all want to take, but wasn't sure if you all knew!

    Oh and to add, Your comment about "sticky" you took the words, I was originally looking for, right from my mouth! *Good work!
    Thanks again for making the effort to make your shop ours!

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    It's ready. Just go to the front page of our site and you can get started. I put a picture in each category so you will know how the photos will look. I am asking though that you limit the photos you send to one per week until we can determine what our workload will be. Just pick your best one and send it to us. We can add more categories. I think Flies would be a good one. I'll check the special e-mail account in the morning and post the photos. That will become my routine every day. Have fun. Daniel and I work as a team on this site. We were trained by some really good people. I'm responsible for the way it looks and he makes it work. Have fun!


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