Two friends and I traveled to Arkansas last week to fish the Buffalo and White rivers. Floated the Buffalo first, going seventeen miles combined over two days. What an experience. Great weather. We saw very few people, lots of deer. The first days float was tough as far as the fishing goes. Had fish chase steamers but no takers. Used hopper dropper rig, but no luck. The scenery made up for the slow day, floating beneath bluffs towering six to seven hundred feet straight up. The next day, the water we fished had better cover on the banks. Still, we didn't catch a ton of fish, but had some nice smallmouth. Streamers took some as well as 1/16 oz curlytail jigs. The last part of this float took us through part of the wilderness area there. Talking about doing an overnite on the lower twentyfour miles through the wilderness area next time. After this we moved up near Buffalo City, and stayed at the confluence of the Buffalo and the White rivers. The first day here, we fished the Norfolk. I had been here before but the other guys had not been here. There was a crowd here but we fished most of the afternoon. Rainy, cool. Started off hot, picking up rainbows and a cutthroat on a zebra midge pattern. Saw an absolute ton of fish. Never have I seen so many anywhere. Most were not active though. Wound up taking four pretty decent fish on a crane fly, #16, right before dark. Two of the next three days were spent at Rim Shoals. Nice area. Caught lots of rainbows, few browns and another cuttroat. First day, most fish taken on zebra midge. Next time we fished here there was a caddis hatch that lasted the entire day. Had a ball with a #18 elk hair , #16 hemmingway, and even a griffiths gnat would get attention. These fish were very picky, even for fish that weren't that big. Fourteen to sixteen were the better fish here. The White river here is a pretty wide river with lots of holding water. We were lucky to have very wadeable water. Just one generator came down late in the day. On Thursday we stayed near our cabin and caught better fish on our stormiest day with olive wooly buggers. Watched big waves of snow geese migrating over the huge bluffs on the White . It had been about five years scince I was out here last. This was a very relaxing trip.