I took Monday off of work and went fishing. One of the local tailwaters closes certain areas to fishing on Nov. 1st to allow the fish to spawn over the next few months. I checked the TVA water release schedule and it looked great. When I arrived to the river after driving for two hours, I found the river to be running full. *I decided to swing some streamers through the slow water next to the grass banks hoping for a large brown to attack it. I caught a couple of smaller fish about 12" but not what I was looking for. I worked downstream towards an island channel out of the main river current working the streamer back under the undercut banks. I decided to cross over the channel and when I stepped down into the streambed a giant Brown came out next to my leg and shot downstream. I figure it was over 25" maybe 30".
I should have known to fish an area before wading through it. Maybe next spring I will find him again. The best fish of the day was about 16". My point is, never trust TVA's schedules and be prepared for unexpected surprises! I am going to try to post a couple of pictures, but I am not sure if it will work.