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Thread: SE TN Small streamin'

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    I could not stay in any longer. The temps were reaching well into the 60ís and even 70ís the last several days and I knew the fishing would probably be on fire. A small wild stream came to mind that had been a goal to fish for awhile. I did not know what to expect from this stream but had a good idea what it might be like.

    The fall colors were excellent but the drive still seemed a little long. After driving for what seemed like an eternity, I finally came upon the creek. It was a small tumbling mountain stream with plenty of nice small pools just as I expected. After finding a good place to park, I walked back downstream and began fishing. A small parachute Adams seemed like a good way to start and I soon had the first monster on, all two inches of fighting rainbow.
    I had several more hits from very small fish so I decided to go subsurface. When in doubt, I find myself tying on a Tellico more and more and that is exactly what I chose. I immediately had a 6 inch rainbow on and things were looking a bit better. I worked through a couple very nice holes and caught a few more.
    My best fish came after seeing the fish follow the fly before fading back into his hole. I stealthily worked my way much closer to the deep pocket I saw the fish go back into and lobbed the bead head back in and let it sink straight down. The line twitched and I set the hook, energizing this nice little rainbow to make several jumps before being brought to hand.

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    Default Re: SE TN Small streamin'


    You should be a journalist. I just re-lived my small streamin' Tuesday while reading your entry. Thanks for the great pics.

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    Gotta love those those fall days on a small stream with explosive colors when it all just seems to come together.

    Thanks for the pics...

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    I think I reckognize the picture, and it is my favorite place to fish around here. That is also one whopper of a fish for it. Nice catch.
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