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Thread: TN trout vs. AR trout

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    Looks like Arkansas Trout have the edge at least for the next year. Although I am still partial to Tn trout, and proudly reinstate my Vol trout allegiance. Go Vols beat Vandi and KY.

    As for KY I think they still don't have oblong balls up there. We were too poor in Arkansas to get a ball perfectly round. So we had to settle for oblong. But i can sympathize with the drag on ravel a pregnant mule can be.

    Been a fun post.

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    How about WV trout. Cut my trout fishing teeth on rainbow and golden trout in the Cranberry back country on panther martins and rooster tails. Most were stockers but great fighters. By the way I have never figured what a golden trout is. They used to be stocked in the mountian streams in wv, may still be. I believe they are a hybred of some sort. That was about 27 yrs ago.

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    I still live in Ky. unlike Byron, but I too have fished the Cumberland River, andhave caught a number of BIG rainbows and browns, but unlike Byron, I met Ed Diddle, of WKU roundball fame, not Rupp, but like Byron, I too love the Townsend and GSMNP fish. Will be coming back to LRO and the Smokeys every chance I get.

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