We made what seemed to be an impossible trek to the South Holston leaving around 7:30 this morning. The suggestion being made the night prior, left little time to prepare. I spent the latter half of last night tying a dozen and a half midges for the trip until around 2am this morn so my father and I would have the proper arsenal of nymphs. We knew they were generating untill 11am so we figured we would have until around 12 till we could wet a line. So, we figured we would head up and see if we could find a local fly shop. This is where it get's funny! I made a post last night regarding Mahoney's Sporting Goods in Johnson city and hoping they would have what we needed. Well, lets just say that they may have had what we needed had they been open. So, we traveled from there to Fly Fishermans Inc. (I believe thats right), also closed. Finding the nearest yellow pages directory was our next option. Stopped at a convienent store nabbed the yellow pages starting calling, no one, I mean no one any where answered the phone. The only thought going through our heads was, heres the pun, another suggestion for you, Byron, why don't you all open a fly shop out near the Holston. You'd prob make your first million on your new store your first Sunday morn! This became even funnier as the day progressed finally making to the Holson and seeing close to 50 vehicles all of which were fly fisherman! I think everyone had done there homework and knew prior to have what they needed.
We parked at the the wier and walked the trail down to the first available spot. I had already tied midges on that immediately required taking off due to a large sulpher hatch coming off the water. My father followed behind wetting his line first. Probably, no more than two or three cast he caught a 12" or 13" brown! I quickly tied on and made my first cast. I knew it was going to be a good day! Two more casts and a good 10" bow! While my father was snapping pictues, with his rod in his arm and line behind him, he gets a tug on his line leading to an accidentily caught fish. Well, catching a fish is no accient he still had to reel it in! We couldn't stop smiling with grins plastered on our faces! Amazing! This continued on for what seemed to be a good 2 hours. Catching somewhere around 20+ fish out of a 60 yrd section of water! Simply amazing after some many short comings at the Clinch. Hooked and landed a 14", or so, bow and couldn't have been better! We attempted in changing flys to a different variations of sulfer's but it seemed none performed like the first we tied on! Which was a little strange because my father was fishing an emerger and I was fishing a dry!
We left from our glory hole and headed above the weir where we found another sweet spot landing another 10+ fish. This is simply an amazing tailwater, to fish an unknown river system with very little knowledge of it and do so well. Later in the evening around 4 or 4:30 we switched to BWO's and and some success and figured out to late we were in the wrong spot! We fished one other location not far from the wier with sulfers with good success until around 5:30 when we decided to call it a day!

It made us wish we lived a little closer so we could fish it a little more often!
Oh, and Byron we do have pictures we will be sending just having a little e-mail conflict at the moment!

Thanks again for the advice,

And for some one wanting to open a small business,get rich, become a millionare, open a fly shop a little closer to the S. Holston, and have it open on the weekends! I'm sure there would be some good money made!