I've been reading all the post on hatches and high water. It is all very interesting, the thoughts on what may cause this and that. I've gotten into this conversation with some of the guys I fish with several times. I was fortunate enough to discover the Clinch in the early nineties, several years before the trophy regulations were taken off the stream. The sulphur hatch here was fantastic. Big fish,making the most audible `gulp`, I've ever heard. Great dry fly fishing. Sadly, as time went by after the reg's were taken off, you could slowly see the decline in quality fish. Way too many people dragging stringers around. Some years after that, I remember the high water. One of the guys I know said, "look at the bottom of the river, then look up in the branches of the trees." What he was trying to say was that the grass that was on the bottom, was now in the tree branches after all the high water. I remember how many mayfly nymphs were in a fistful of grass, along with scuds and sowbugs, midge larva,etc. It was a while before I could accept that the quality of the river had really diminished, at least for the fly fisherman. I'm sure there are still some good ones in there. This past summer, I made the trip up to see how the fishing was. Caught numerous smaller fish on nymphs that day. What I remember most is that there seemed to be a dead looking slime across a lot of the river bottom, something I really did not remember seeing before. Saw one sulphur the entire day, in early June. As far as the regs, I was told that they were removed due to some landowner confrontations??.......that thishad been a very devisive decision to put the regs in to begin with. I know its a shame, a western quality fishery is a mere shadow of its self.
I'm amazed by the reports of the sulphurs going way into fall, heavy hatch or not. I've picked the last week of May next year as a vacation week. I hope that if I get to head up to the SoHo, I won't be too early for the main hatch.