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    I am thinking about fishing here this weekend. I would like to fish up above campground 18. On the map I see two trails that offer access, Bote Mtn trail and West Prong trail from Tremont. Which trail offers the easiest access to that campsite? Also, I don't hear too much about this section of the Little River. Is it a small or medium stream? How does it fish? Thanks for your comments!

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    Bote Mtn. Trail by all means. It is just up and over the "hill". I took the West Prong Trail once and actually had a hard time finding the trail in summer. With the leaves down on the ground it may be even harder to follow and longer.

    Small stream with lots of small hungry rainbows. Fantastic place to camp. Remember you are losing daylight fishing time. Be sure to use the bear cables near site. Lots of bears still running around looking to fatten up. I saw a sow and three youngun's Monday going to Elkmont. Check the weather forecast for this weekend(:<) It supposed to rain and cool off here in Ky.
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    The Bote MT trail in from Tremont is a beautiful trail up and over the mountain. The West Prong above 18 is one of my favorite places to fish in the Smokies. The stream is small with a lot of nice pockets. Going upstream from 18 is how I usually fish it and the only problem is that the trail is pretty overgrown for the trip back. It is on the right side as you are going upstream.

    I was standing in some rapids below a pool not too far above 18 when I saw something move on a rock next to the pool. It turned out to be a big Otter! It dove into the water and I thought I had seen the last of it when it appeared coming down the rapids underdwater right at me. I remained motionless and it slithered by me not two feet away! Quite an experience.

    Good luck on your trip and I am sure you will enjoy it because it is a beautiful stream.


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