Old buddy,,S. Porter,dropped by yesterday---he is about 80--began f-fishing as a child--well educated--taught physics at UNC-a great small stream fisherman--uses only cane rods--has more roll casts than a bi-sexual has friends--has caught many trout in his time--knows East Tenn,NC,Penn,New York state and vermont streams like the back of his hand--growing up,Porter was your classic geek--a physics,math head--too intellectual,too stuck-up for kids his age.his talk is sophisticated,proper,almost Calvinist and fun to listen to in this the age of slang,adulterated language.
Like I said Porter dropped by my store--parked himself in my office with some coffee and last year's xmas cookies---told me about this years good fall fishing had around his favorite Tellico places--finished his coffee--took me to his car to"show me something"---his car--a 1968 Porsche 912--is in such god-awful shape,his grandkids are ashamed to ride in it--inside--the floors are rusted through-it is piled high with stuff(cans(soda,beer,pork and beans,etc)magazines,mail,most unopened,clothes,more clothes,boots,f-fishing stuff,a bird cage(thats right a bird cage)(Tweety ??a suicide??)---outside dents and rust,cracked windsheild---4th engine--what a classic---reaches to a place that could be the back seat--pulls a little blond cane rod not 5 ft long---hands it to me---has a slowwww action---I said"THIS THING'S OKAY PORTER--BUT IT IS SLOW AND TOO SHORT--WHAT GOOD IS IT?Porter looked at me with a dark--death look--a look that could kill--and replied--"IT IS FOR ONLY THE MOST TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS"---am i wrong---but you've got to like this guy!!!!!