Got to the park early today and started fishing the West Prong Pigeon. I was happy to see the water at a nice level. Fished the W. Prong for about an hour and caught 2 bows on a small BHPT. I then proceeded to drive up toward the Chimneys, but Newfound Gap Road was closed, so I headed over to Roaring Fork. I fished there the rest of the day. Parked at the end of the motor trail and hiked the stream all the way up to Alfred Reagan Place. It was a pretty technical hike, to say the least. It seemed as if every car on the motor trail had to stop and take a picture of me . Kind of annoying. Anyway, the fishing was great. Fish were all over the Orange Palmer I was using. I love fishing small streams. The size of the fish may not be that great, but the action is almost always there.

Here are a couple of pics. The bow is one of the larger that I caught on Roaring Fork.