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Thread: Below Normandy Dam

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    Default Below Normandy Dam

    I fished this afternoon below Normandy Dam. Had an okay day. 5 fish...all bows...just fished a couple of hours.
    It was the first time I'd ever fished there. Every hit I matter the fly was as the fly was at the end of its swing. I had a few come off , but it wasn't too bad for an afternoon.

    Just curious how far down from the Dam can you actually catch trout? I went as far down as the bridge, but didn't have any luck. Also...once I got a hit and if I missed him...I never seemed able to get any action on that same fly in that area. Is this river pretty well stocked by the hatchery nearby?

    I've had more luck below Tims Ford dam and on the Caney, but thought I'd give this one a try today.
    Any advice would be great and thanks.


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    Default Re: Below Normandy Dam

    Is this in Tullahoma? If it is, I fished there once with my dad-in-law. We slayed them on rooster tails right below the dam. I walked on down a little further with little luck. I wasn't fly fishing but it looks like you could on further down in there are any fish.

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