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Thread: Byron and LRO Family

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    Default Byron and LRO Family

    For those of you who did not read the fishing report today, please do so.

    THANK YOU ALL Byron and LRO Family. *Byron, your thoughtful words made me think of all I have to be grateful for as well. *

    There is a special place in all of us who frequent the site and the board for Little River Outfitters. *Whenever we're able to visit the shop, it's a bonus. *I'm so glad you guys are there for us. *You make our sport much more enjoyable. *Enjoy your time off 'cause you all have earned it. *

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    May you fish more than you wish for.

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    Default Re: Byron and LRO Family

    Yes, he is right!! Thanks for being the best in the business!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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    Default Re: Byron and LRO Family

    Well...... hopefully old Byron will be back to work on Friday or Sat. so we can see him!!! We're coming up for Turkey Day weekend and expect to do some fishing between eating appointments!

    Ralph & Basye
    Petri Heil - Ralph

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