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Thread: reel question

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    i'm not sure, but i think my superfine is 7' 8" full flex, i'll have to check. double haul helps alot, about the biggest i throw with it is a #10 wooly booger.

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    You know I love my superfine (3 wt 7'6") but the only thing is it is darn near impossible for me to cast in windy conditions (i'm not that great of a caster anyway)...I love it...but I am limited when I can fish it....but, man when you get a fish of significant's fun!

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    I suggest the Orvis BBS II. That is what I put on my 3 wt and I love it. It's hard to beat for just $99.

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    Hey Buckeyetrouter. All of the reels I own are Orvis and it will def. stay that way. I will put in a good word for the CFO as well. This reel is light and just an all around good reel. You won't be disappointed. As for the BBS I can't say for just yet just received mine in yesterday. Can't wait to get it on the stream! Can't go wrong with an Orvis reel. Good luck in your search.

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