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Thread: I'm just a newbie here.

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    Default I'm just a newbie here.

    Howdy folks. This is my first post on the board. Glad to have found it. I'm just getting onto fly fishing and need to get up to speed on rigging, and knots. Been spin casting for trout for about 25 yrs. Went fly fishing once; I'll never spin cast again. There's nowhere else I'd rather be than on a pristine trout stream in total or relative seclusion. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you angling denizens, and learning a thing or three. I hotly anticipate discovering some beautiful water in WNC and E. TN; as well in the Smokies. Any advice that will put me on the fast tract to quasi-competence in this great endeavor is much appreciated. Thanks to all, and great fishing!

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    Welcome to a life long obsession. I salmon egged it for about 10 years with my father, but was always interested in fly fishing. I never tried to learn because I was under the assumption that it was going to be very difficult to learn (it was not). I started fly fishing 3 years ago and now not a day goes by that I don't think about trout. in fact, almost every night I have a dream that I am standing in a river somewhere. i caught on very quickly and here's why: after 10 years of catching trout with salmon eggs, I developed an instinct on where to find fish. I only had to learn to catch them with a different "bait". so if you've fished for trout for 25 years, then you can probably already read the water and know that there's a fish holding just to the left of that rock. knots, hatches, and terminology... you'll learn all that soon enough. I'm no expert, but here's the best advice I can give:

    1. read books on fly fishing. not just factual how-to books either. the first book I read on fly fishing was "fly fishing through the midlife crisis". basically, it details the authors transition from what he calls "redneck fishing" into fly fishing.

    2. be stealth. remaining unseen, controlling drag, shadows... in the smokies, this will make or break you faster than having the proper fly.

    3. don't go cheap. invest in the best quality equipment you can afford up front. the reason I say this is because soon enough you're going to end up spending more than you can afford on equipment anyway. might as well pay the piper now. if you're hesitant, or can't afford an expensive rod, the good news is that there are some excellent rods on the market for under $200. (temple fork and st. croix are both great)

    4. patronize little river outfitters. this place is truly a flyfishing treasure. I have probably learned more about fly fishing from these guys than any other source. everyone there is extremely helpful. they go out of their way to answer any question. every single day you can get on this site and read a fishing report that will tell you all you need to know to have a successful day of fishing. what flies to use, time of day to go, even suggestions on where to go... there are no secrets with them. I've visited many other flyshops, some around here, some in other states, and I can tell you LRO is the best.

    good luck, and I hope this helps.

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    Well come to the dark side my friend...I too spent (wasted) 10-15 years of my life spin casting. Then one day, after months of begging my brother took me fly fishing. He is a guide with Orvis, so to say the least it was an experience that I will never forget. He showed me the ropes and I caught on...but only after a day of missed strikes. Then as the sun set on a total bust of a day, we headed high for a brook trout. It was something out of a book. We approached a cascade in the brook and my brother guided me to toss the bug just beyond a fallen tree. Just as the caddis hit the water, an 11" brookie destroyed it and boom I was so hooked on fly fishing I couldn't stop talking about it. SO...I feel ya...I'll never go back either.

    My opinion only:

    1) Go high end with the rod...and the last reply was totally right...TFO makes GREAT rods at great prices if you can't afford 500 you are fishing the brooks and smaller creeks in the Smokies...the reel you can get away with just about anything...orvis stream line (50$) more than anything you just need a reel to keep the line out of the water, cause you can land 99.9 of the fish in the Park with your hands mending the line.

    2) Go West young man...I never thought I would appreciate my Brother more than I did after he drug my butt out to East Yellowstone and spent a week and a day in the Lamar Valley fishing. After day trips to the Madison and the Gibbon I didn't want to don't get me wrong...they will probably drag my soggy dead butt out of the little river when I die...but the West is something to behold.

    3) Free your mind to other fish have never lived until you hook and land a small mouth on a fly rod...YO...

    4) Invest in the most comfortable FELT bottom shoes you can find...this will save you from maaaaaany a sore tail.

    5) Buddy up with fishing nerd...i did...and my brother has taught me so much just by him bragging... I hate to say it...but there is nothing more exciting than hearing my brother say..."Hey, watch this..." with a fly rod in his hand.

    6) Learn to tie your own bugs, it is expensive at first...but guess what...when you are out in the middle of nowhere... and you didn't think to pick up a couple blue winged olives...B/c there is NOTHING more frustrating than being knee deep in a creek during a hatch and no fly to match the bug in the air.

    7) Somewhere, they're always biting...

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    Default Re: I'm just a newbie here.

    here is valuable tool for was posted on this board earlier and I saved it as one of my favorites...btw, welcome aboard and feel comfortable to ask any questions, there are some very knowledgable folks on this site and they are all about helping a fellow ff...........

    Heaven seems a little closer .........on a Smoky Mountain stream.......
    Jeremiah 29:13

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