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    I finally got back to the mountains today for some fishing. I met redc4man, ttas67, and Jaybird at LRO this morning to fish together and after I got a new reel and a few other things we headed up to Elkmont. I was hoping that the fish would be active since we've had a couple really nice days but they were still hunkered down. We fished hard and ended up with a handful of fish but each one was worked for. All the fish I caught came to a bead head Tellico. There were decent numbers of midges, small tan or dun caddis and a few bwo's on the water. I even saw one of the big fall caddis flying around but I only saw one fish rise all day. :-? Despite the slow fishing it was good to get out to the Smokies again and it was nice to meet some fellow board members.
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    Thanks PA... It was a good day, even if the fish were difficult. I really enjoyed meeting at LRO and fishing with new folks. I hope it's something that others want to do in the future. If the water temp goes up I may head out Sunday to reclaim my dignity. Pretty tough day, but it was nice to be on the water.


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