Yesterday I went down to the Tellico river DH section with a couple of friends for the day. I haven't heard any reports from this river lately and we decided since everyone was heading to the South Holston or the Smokies we would see how it would fish. I haven't been down there in a few years and hoped they had stocked some larger fish in the DH section. The river was not crowded as we expected probably because the fishing was lousy. Walking the banks looking for fish was useless. I finally found some fish in some deeper pools and when you finally caught one, you would usually catch a couple more. I ended up with 10 rainbows in five hours with the largest being about 14-15". No one caught any Browns and all but two fish were stockers. The river is gin clear and cold but there were a few bugs hatching. Guess I will stick with the tailwaters till spring and maybe go back then to fish some smaller streams for brookies.