Hey all,

I just got back from a couple days in the area.

I started off Thursday fishing a portion of the horseshoe on Abrams. Other than the amount of traffic in the cove and on the trail to the falls I had a great time. I ended up catching about a dozen and missed about a half dozen. All but 2 were taken on nymphs - the biggest about a 14' bow that rose to an orange stimulator but took the small red midge pupa dropper. The water seemed a bit high, but I only get to fish it once or twice a year.

On Saturday I went up Greenbriar and it was SLOOOW. I had a real humbling day either snagging tree trout or hooking nymphs on the bottom. Lets just say I got so frustrated I bent my wading staff. I did manage a couple small fish and lived to fish another day. I had a tougher time wading it than I did on Abrams.

Sunday I just went up Cosby for about an hour actually hiking the nature trail and dappling a fly in tasty looking spots. Shut out for the day, but it was a nice end to thye trip.

Looks like I'm done in the Smokies for the season. See you next spring!