Fished the Elk at the Dam from 11 to 4 yesterday. Early on, I got two bumps from 1 fish just above the bridge on a rubber legged copper john behind a green wooly bugger.

Went down to the turn hole and the fish were going crazy feeding on midges. After tossing the usual nymphs for a while, I spent at least an hour casting midges to these fish. I stuck my face right next to the water and saw some incredibly small white midges, probably a size 30. The smallest I had was a 24, with no takers. Its incredibly frustrating to have a hundred fish actively feeding all around you with no action. Surely, the fish didn't bite because of the fly and not because of my poor technique!

Finally, switched to a san juan worm. Got one hook up in the run below the turn hole, but he shook loose. Worked my way back upstream towards the dam, fishing the quicker water. Caught 1, long-distance released another and had 2 bumps.

Still a beautiful day on the water.