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Thread: Fishing in St. Augustine Fl area

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    Default Fishing in St. Augustine Fl area

    Hi Byron/Paula, I was wondering if you would have any thoughts on St. Augustine Fl area. Also I like the look of the Web site. I have been doing some research for someone I am going to send your way. He is looking for the right reel to go with a 4 weight bambo rod.


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    Hi Raymond,

    Welcome to the board. Hope you'all have been doing well. I don't know anything about St. Augustine. Paula and I usually fish the Gulf unless we're in the Keys. I just looked at a map and nothing in that area looks familiar. Here's a link I found for the St. Augustine Fly Fishing Club.

    Their site doesn't look to active. Their events calendar ran out in 2002. Maybe someone will post who knows about the area.

    Take care Raymond. I guess we'll see you in the Spring.


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    There are several shops in the Jacksonville area that guide and fish down St. Augustine way as well as north of the Jax area. One of them used to have a web page, the shop goes by the name "The Salty Feather". One of their better guides is a John Peyton and Florida Sportsman just did an article on Fly fishing for Reds with him, that I believe was in the St. Augustine area. If John couldn't help you, perhaps he could suggest someone.


    PS: If you have trouble locating John or are interested in doing so, let me know. I can get his number from his sister, she attends our church here in Jax.
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