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Thread: temperature inversion

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    when the wind is from the east, fishing is least. when the wind is from the west, fishing is best"
    I've heard that phrase before, too...and it might apply to freshwater. But down here in our marsh, a west wind is the kiss of death; it tends to blow the clean, salty water out of the marsh and replace it with low, muddy water. Any wind out of the east or southeast is best for us, but that is a peculiarity of geography, with the Mississippi greatly influencing conditions.

    Generally, the fish turn on before a front moves through, and afterwards, they tend to clam up.

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    The weathermen around Louisville tell us that on a still day, the coldest time of the day is 30 minutes after sunrise. This is because the ground warms from the sunlight. The coldest air is about 100-200 above the surface. When the warmed air rises it displaces the cold air and temperature inversion occurs. This is why fog often occurs at daybreak on still days.

    Why lake bass feed before bad weather is simply from the food chain disruption. Heavy clouds = no sunlight. No sunlight=no alge bloom. No alge bloom=no food for the shad and alge eaters. Shad activity then slows and fish activity slows. Takes 12 hours of blue bird skies to start the alge bloom again then fishing activity returns. In the meantime use crawfish patterns they don't feed as much on alge eaters and live shad.


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