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Thread: First Time on the Clinch

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    Default First Time on the Clinch

    I finally fished the Clinch today for the first time. I met ttas67 and redc4man around noon as the water was falling. They were talking to another guy who turned out to be Green Weenie. We all rigged up and headed out into the water. The fish were feeding and everyone was soon into fish.
    I used a parachute Adams for my "indicator" fly and tried various small nymphs (mainly midges) under it. Fish hit just about anything I used and I even caught several on the dry. We fished most of the afternoon at Millers Island and caught some absolute monsters. Here is one of the largest...

    Late in the day, I decided to try up near the dam and see if I could find any larger fish. I finally got into some solid 12 inch fish that put on great aerial shows.

    It was a nice first day for me on new water and nice to fish with some board members again. Thanks for showing us the river Trevor!
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    Default Re: First Time on the Clinch

    Guess I should have stayed... Congrats on the second effort. It was a good day, I'll try it again sometime. It was very different than the park. I couldn't mask most of my faults like I can at Tremont. I'm glad I got lucky early. It was pretty tough down the stretch. Would have been nice to hook a 12 incher on my 3wt... Hopefully we can try SoHo in a couple of weeks!


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    Default Re: First Time on the Clinch

    I really enjoyed fishing with you guys. I had a great time. We each ended up with a few good fish, but I'll have to say; Plateau Angler really screwed up the curve for the rest of us. He was catching 20 to our 2! Just a phenomenal angler.

    redc4man and ttas67 are two of the nicest guys you'll ever have the pleasure to meet on the water. If anyone has a chance to fish with either of these guys, I would take them up on it. Catching fish on the 3wt was awesome. I caught one in the first riffle we fished. He shot downstream and stripped off line like a 20" fish. Until I got closer to him, that's what I thought he was! Turned out to be a 12" stocker hooked square in the side. As redc4man can tell you, I thought I'd never get him in.

    Alas, I believe my fishing is done until after the baby arrives. Should be any day now. Until then, I shall live vicariously through all of you.

    Take care, guys.
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    Default Re: First Time on the Clinch

    Great day on the water! and the best part? its a week before christmas and 70 degrees! I was a little reluctant to try out the 3wt on the clinch. after about 5 minutes of fishing some wind kicked in and I thought I had made a big mistake. but overall, the rod fished very well out there. nice meeting green weenie. he also is a very nice guy.

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