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    My wife and I are planning a trip to Durango, CO the last week of April. I have never fished in any western waters and am looking for advice as to what equipment I should take. I have 2, 4, and 6 wt rods, and can't decide which to take. Also, I am having a somewhat difficult time deciding whether to take a guided wading or float trip. I plan to fish many of the small streams around Durango for bows, browns, brookies, and cutts along with hitting up the San Juan one day in hopes of hooking up with a large brown. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Boy am I jealous! I just Googled Durango, CO and it looks fantastic. You may have already found this but has a lot of good info on the area flyfishing oppurtunities. I always have at least two rods with me on any trip so I would suggest taking the 4wt. and the 6wt. I just wonder what the snowmelt on the rivers will be like in April? Please post some Picts after your trip ,we all would enjoy it

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    You will be in one of my favorite areas of the country. I'll probably be somewhere in SW CO again next summer. The fishing can be good around there but I haven't been at the time of year you are talking about. It will probably just be spring at best in the mountains which could limit some of your options up high. If it warms up early and the snow starts melting, that could blow most of the rivers out. Don't overlook stillwaters either...I haven't fished many in that area but spring is one of the better times to hit high country lakes for the lunkers. If you do a guided trip on the San Juan (assuming you mean the lower SJ), make sure your guide knows you want to target big browns. They are more prevalent lower on the river and a lot of guided trips are up near the dam in "rainbow" water. This would be the river to float, especially in the lower section where floating is the only option because of private land. I've heard of some BIG fish down there...

    Also, check your PM's...
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    Hey P.A. you know how to make a fisherman jealous. I was thru Colorado in Nov. but was traveling I70 and the only spots I had quick access to were closed for the month to fishing...bummer.
    I have fished the Yampa in Craig, the White in Meeker and the Blue just outside of Silverthorne......I used my 5/6 on all of these occasions and it worked great. If you can take 2 rods I would go with the 4 & 6. If you have to go with one I would go with the 6wt. Look at the bright side, if you only take one and the quide says *you really need another weight rod, what a better reason to purchase.......surely the wife would understand that . I've not had the chance to fish the S.W. part of Colorado but it sure looks incredible. I did get to travel some thru Gunnison *and prayed for my truck to break down so I had a reason to stay for a few days ( at company expense) but that darned ole Ford just kept running .....

    have a great time, take lots of pics to show us, and enjoy God's splender while you are out in the wild.....

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