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    Us FF don't have to worry about being hooked as much a spin fisherman, but it still happens. Ill tell you a short storie of how I got hooked. My dad can back this one up too . We were day hiking and I didn't want to fish because of the rough water, but my dad did.well not knowing where my dad was I walk over to a spot to sit. Then I felt something grab my arm and pull me back. I turned and saw a spider web looking thing. Then my arm started hurting, I lookd down and there was my dads fly in my arm. Lucklly it wasn't deep so I pulled it right out. I learned where to stand when someone is fly fishing that day!
    Now have you guys ever ben hooked or is it just a rare thing for FF?

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    Sorry to say, but when you're just starting out you'll more than likely hook yourself

    Fortunately, there's hardly ever anyone else around to watch you hopping around on one leg trying to figure out how the heck that happened

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    My fingers take most of the punishment, pretty often actually. Last winter I was tying a HaresEar, I was spinning the dubbing onto the thread and caught the point of the hook in my thumb (where the skin and nail meet.) Also last winter, I was on the Holston fishing a BWO hatch and the microscopic dry caught the cartilage at the top of my ear--no barb so it really didnt hurt too bad. Yep, just another danger in the sport!


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    Here's my best hook story. A local guide who will remain anonymous was showing me how to tie on a fly the easy way. He took a size 4 chernobyl ant laying on the shop table and placed it in a pair of forceps, telling me that having the fly clamped for a secure hold made all the difference with his method. He then spun the forceps and completed an improved clinch knot. Raising the fly to his mouth to bite off the tag end of tippet, he smoothly pulled on the leader, burying the barb into his lower lip. I tried not to laugh, but his expertise forced a big smile. He shouted for one of the other workers to come to his aid, but they all retreated to the far end of the shop, wincing and making faces. I explained that I knew how to remove the hook with a loop of monofilament and we quickly removed it from his lip. He said it was not the first time he has done this. Everyone needs to know how to remove a hook your skin, you never know when you might need it.

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    My worst expereience with a hook happened the only time I've fished from a drift boat. My buddy was in front and I was in the rear. It was very windy all day. It only stopped blowing during lunch and started back when we started fishing again. Anyway, I caught him in the back of the neck. Not bad, just enough to make him bleed. I owed him that one but it was still an accident. Next, he got me on a backcast with a weighted #10 Prince. The head wind gave it extra velocity. A lot of extra velocity. Right in the upper lip. It didn't stay in. Just blood,bruising,swelling, numbness. Like I had been punched. I still owe him for that one.

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    After i started charging folks $10 for everytime they put a hook in me, it slowed down some
    My worse hookup came over in ARK on a very windy day after i broke my own rod & borrowed a shorter rod from a nearby shop. Being as windy as it was, i was practicing some roll casting, doing pretty darn good getting 50' out there.
    About the time i was letting a cast go, this 40 MPH wind changed the location of my line & the bead headed scud found my lower lip.
    The only reason i know it was a 40 MPH wind was, i saw stars when that fly hit my lip, it immediately swelled up & i couldn't feel which way the fly had entered :-?
    Being the ever so bright person that i am, i reeled the line up & procedeed to walk down to my fishing partner. Evidently, i didn't reel enough line in, every now & then it would hang on a piece of grass & turn my head as i was walking towards him. Of course, being my lip was numb, i didn't realize it til it happened a few times & jerked the rod up higher, OUCH, i felt that though.
    Once i made it down to my friend(term used loosely in these conditions), he turned to see what was up, upon seeing my predicament, he immediately fell to his knees in laughter.
    After 3 or 4 minutes of this humiliation(thank goodness there was no one else around), he got up & said it really looked bad, i told him it was a barbless hook, he said it looked bad once again & i got this sick feeling, couldn't feel a thing & my lip felt like a basketball.
    Finally, he said i think i can get it out, procedeed to pull his hemo's & a knife out, i wanted to faint. Then he reached up with his hand & just picked it out of my lip :-/
    After 5 minutes of chasing him around trying to beat him to death with the borrowed rod & getting tangeled in what line i had been dragging, i had to ask him to remove the fly from the butt of my waders, couldn't see that one either.
    I decided it best just to go on & continue fishing, gave up the roll casting & the wind just magically stopped. A few minutes later, i think he actually caught his breath, got up off the ground, wiped the tears from his eyes from all the hysterical laughter & procedeed to fish again as well.
    Bottom line, barbless, fish with someone you wouldn't mind drowning & carry a small mirror, don't borrow an unfamiliar rod


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    Default Re: Hooks OW! (0r,  "trauma revisited")

    1971. Cove Lake State Park. Fishing from a little motor less rental boat late one Saturday afternoon. I went to cast a Sears pushbutton rod reel combo using a (popular then) little plastic factory tied worm rig with two little gold hooks laced through it with nylon line and back to the snell top that had the little silver propeller thingy next to a nylon loop--anyway: they caught fish. ...As I recall, about the time the cast was passing my right ear something violently grabbed me!! I had hooked myself in the thick, firm, meaty cartilage on the back side of my right ear. I don't recall a lot of pain but, I do remember my dentist father enjoying a laugh fest at my expense! Here is a man that removes molars for a living but, funny: he just can't seem to get this shiny new hook out of his sons ear! He continued laughing-said the new gold hook looked like an earring (not popular with 11 year old males in 1971)
    We speed paddled back to the State Park dock where Dad heads for a phone to call is M.D. buddy who is still at work in his clinic. Dad doesn't elaborate, he just asks the Doctor to stay put. We'll be there in a few!
    We all know from reading the previous post that there is a proper way to remove hooks from fingers, lips, ect. Let me tell you this old doctor wasn't familiar with that particular procedure!! He had me lay face down on an operating table (the same torture table I had screamed from years earlier when having my face stitched). He then took a pair of official medical PLIERS, got a grip on the hook, reared back, and yanked that dern hook out of my thick ear cartilage like he was trying to start a roto tiller that had been in the barn all winter! Yikes!! TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE! The hook was out. A band-aid covered the hole. All that was left to do was to hold still for the "just in case" tetanus shot and continue to ride out snickers from the office staff that had gathered to see what was up with the young boy with the shiny earring!
    btw I now use (and recommend) barbless hooks!!
    " I caught you a delicious bass "

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    Never swat at a yellow jacket while holding a rapala.

    and if you do, and you accidentally hook 4 of the hooks into your leg, and you use pliers to hold the skin down, be careful not to pinch the pliers together as you hold the skin down when pushing the hooks through to cut them off. Trust me, the pliers hurt worse than the hooks going through.

    ( we kept on fishing and I got a Tshot the next day! Hey, the fish were biting!) - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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    luckily have never been hooked, but once back casted a strike indicator right into my eye! have not been without eye protection since.

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    Default Re: Hooks OW!

    A couple of years ago I was on a guided float trip on the Chattahoochee with a friend. My friend was still rather new to the sport. He took the front of the boat, and in his defense it was rather windy. Halfway through the float he managed to hit my sunglasses on a back cast. I think it was a small midge pupa, but the fly was too close to get a really good view of it. After he apologized profusely, we went on fishing. Then it happened. He managed to pierce his right ear on a forward cast. I almost fell out the boat I was laughing so hard. Needless to say every Christmas I tie him a "rainbow warrior" earring. As an aside I also managed my largest brown on that trip.


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