Got a late start to day had to stop by the bass pro to show my dad the store, he had yet to see it. Picked up a few good fly's while we were there! Got on the water around 2:30 started about 200yrd below the bridge with very little success! SOOO windy out there, practiced tying wind knots all day long! I must say I accomplished such a hard feat! We watched angler after angler stack up like a mob at the lower wier. We counted 7 to 9 people standing on the wier and another 10 plus fishing up to the wier and about an additional 5 right under the bridge. Those of you who have been there know that's insane! I don't know why we didn't take a shot of that! There was a gentleman that's there every time we go, a local, who said he had watched a guy bring a 24" brown from the water and said his lip had 5 hooks in it! He stated there wasn't any sport in catching the big guys there anymore. There were fish actively feeding on drys, mainly miniscule bwo's and midges making a size 22 hook look like godzilla! There were two guys fishing just below, if not underneith the bridge landing several good fish. I observed one sulfer come off the water and spontanious bwo hatches. Caught a brown on a bwo, nothing of any size, and dad followed with an 11" brown, I think, he was on the other side of the water. Definately not a typical day of fishing there, due to high wind gusts, spats of rain, and un-tying of knots. Nothing seemed to go as planned. We made our acent back to the lower wier as people dispursed to try our luck at landing one of those big guys they were pulling from the water. Tried a couple of different things. The only thing I found to work was a black midge throwing it into the headwater and slowly stripping it back. I figured this out a little late, I had about 15 minutes of fishing before they turned the water on! Oh well just more for the next time. Sorry no pictures, they would have been bad anyway to much wind and rain! Had a good time though I love it up there.