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    Default Wet Wading/Hiking Boot

    I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the new Korkers Torrent wading shoe? I'm looking for a shoe to do some light hiking to and from the stream as well as summmer wet wading. The Korkers look like they could fit the bill with the ability to change between lug and felt soles. Any ideas?


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    I haven't a clue about that particular model, but I do have the Korkers Konvertable's and love them they are some of the most comfortable boots I've ever had on my feet and I love the odea of being able to change soles so easily yet have shores that are so well made and durable.


    PS: I also dealt with their service dept because the boots I bought first were a size too small and all I can say is that if every company was run so well there would sure be alot more satisfied customers. I dealt with a fellow named Brian and my dealing with him reminded me of the incredibly gracious attitude I encounter evertime I walk in LRO! Man am I homesick for Townsend and LRO !
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    I'm not familiar with the model you mentioned, but I just finished my first season with the Korkers Wetlands model and couldn't be more pleased

    I'd read about them online and conned Daniel at LRO into ordering a pair for me. We were both impressed with the quality and the "slick" (to quote Daniel) system. However, I had read that they ran small and that you should order one size larger than your shoe size. Not so :-? They ended up a size too large and Daniel was kind enough to handle the re-order and return (or so I thought) for me. I wear a 10 - 10 1/2 shoe and their size 10 was a perfect fit. They work equally well with both the Chota wading socks that I picked up at LRO and my old Hodgman neoprene waders.

    About a month later my son decided he wanted a pair. I asked Daniel if he still had my original size 11 order and he admitted he hadn't gotten around to sending my order back. So my son bought them and they've served him just fine.

    As I understand it, all of their soles are interchangeable. So in a size 10, for example, you can order any of 6 different sole styles. Mine came with both felt soles and lug soles.

    What I really like about mine is that I've stopped trashing my car every time I go fishing. I can wade with the felt soles and when I want to change locations, I'll pop in the dry lug soles, drive to my next spot, swap soles again and go fishing


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    Last year I bought thier wading sandals for wet wading. loved them! Did lose some stiching on the top and was going to send them back but like them so much that i decided not to worry about it. The soles were a little hard to change out at first but after a few trips they got a lot easier. even have golf spke for them, they worked great but don't use them very much because I play the game very poorly.

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