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Thread: opinions on the renzetti vices

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    Hey Guys,

    Bill, I didn't know you were on here. I guess you will start working at the shop soon. I have a Renzetti and a Dyna King. I like and tie on both. My Dyna King allows me to tie with the head vertical. Great for large streamers. Both are beautiful to me and that's important. The Renzetti holds a hook very well and I love it but I don't use the rotary feature. Lily and Andy Renzetti were here for a fly tying event that we held at the shop and I was tying on a Dyna King because it works best for trimming Puglisi patterns. After I explained why, Lily and I remained friends. The Renzetti's are fine people who build their tools in Titusville, Florida. Our best selling vise is the Renzetti Traveler. Great vise for the money. Dyna King is another excellent small company in California. They are nice people who build excellent tools. I also like HMH and the Regal though I don't own either. The two I have will serve me for the rest of my life.


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    Default vise

    I have really enjoyed the traveler model with the cam. A good vise is worth the investment, especially if you tie a lot. I imagine that a good vise will last a lifetime, especially since you can replace the jaws. I know a guy who ties professionally in east tn. and he uses the Dynakings. They are also very nice. You will not be disappointed with a good vise.

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    New here. I just bought a Renzetti Traveler with the cam feature a few months back. Went round and round on the price, but after spending hours in the garage tying flies on a sub-standard vice I decided to reward myself and took the plunge. Immediately I fell in love with that vise. I had never used a rotary feature before and I really do like it (although I am sure that I don't use it to its full potential).

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    Renzettis are, in my opinion, the best vises on the market. While they cost a bit more than most vises, the quality and durability are worth the price. I got my Master at least 10 years ago and after thousands of flies it still performs as flawlessly as the day I got it. When looking at the cost of the vise per fly, it is cheaper than hooks and materials. The Renzetti is the most comfortable vise I have used as well. Dyna King and Abel vises are also nice and hold hooks very securely.

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