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Thread: Fly Tyers Seminar

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    Default Fly Tyers Seminar

    I am planning to go by LRO tomorrow morning to see Hugh tie some of his famous flies. I have been working 7 days a week since Christmas and I'm finally getting time off to relax. Anyone else going? I hope to be there around 11am so maybe I'll meet some of you also.

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    I wish I was would be a real treat to watch Hugh tying his flies. Enjoy!!!
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    Default Re: Fly Tyers Seminar

    I'll be there at 1100...

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    I wish i could go! Hugh is an absolute fantastic fly fisherman and tier, while also being one of the nicest people you'll meet. He ties some incredible patterns, hopefully he'll let you in on some. Like you, i haven't been able to get away from work for awhile and things aren't slowing down. Anyways, you can learn alot from Mr. Hartsell, enjoy!

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