WOW!!! *What a day! *Got up early and had a massage at Theraputic Balance in Maryville . *Then went to LRO to meet Hugh Hartsell. *Sat there watching and listening until 2:30. *What a great guy! *It was nice to meet a few folks from the board there too! *Hans was there (patiently waiting for Hugh to tie a yellow stim), *Troutman, Lienart, Hans' friend Greg, ttas87, stretch, and others were in attendance.

In the end I spent my 4wt rod money on fly tying stuff. *I'm going to be stuck in Alabama for a couple of months and thought it would be fun to tie flies while I'm in my room. *Got a vice, tools, and the stuff to tie some midges and green weenies with.

Thanks Mr. Hartsell and LRO for a great day!


Buckeye... I would still like those glass beads... I'll try to make you something that resembles a midge in return 8-)