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    we've been to Timbers and Dead Beat Pete's and liked them both. What are some of the other restaurants that you guys would suggest that are in or close to Townsend ( not in G-Burg)

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    what I'm going to suggest is not a restaurant, but a gas station. if you're heading back towards maryville from townsend, on the right is a bp station and a small post office. you can't miss it because there isn't anything else around. they have a little deli inside that gas station. once I stopped in there and got ham and cheese or something like that, and it knocked my socks off. I had mustard rolling down my neck. great place for a quick lunch. also, you could make the short drive into maryville and you'd find better offerings there. and if you were feeling really adventurous, you could just drive right into knoxville where you could get whatever you wanted. and if you wanted to go all out crazy, you could drive over the mountain into cherokee and visit Harrahs, where I hear they have live tables now. they have a $15 buffet that's pretty good, but when I'm in that area, I usually just stop in the KFC buffet for some deep fried chicken livers with gravy. mmmmmm.

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    Deadbeat Pete's is my favorite up there but I also like a place called Talley-Ho. I believe it's also a hotel but either Fri or Sat nights (or both) they have a pretty good seafood buffet. It's mostly fried (fish, clams, shrimp) but I think they've got a few grilled/broiled items. By the way, unlike LRO, Buddy's BBQ doesn't offer free shipping so the only way you're going to get to sample it is by being there the 19th

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